Side projects

(from latest to oldest)


(Mar 2023)

A CLI tool to generate a pseudo-random stream of open metrics data for debugging prometheus based time series databases



(Oct 2022)

Neovim plugin that wraps some of the read-only kubectl operations with the goodness of telescope. This helps navigate some of the k8s resources and their details with the UX of neovim. I built this plugin because I thought the idea was cool. This may seem like a bad idea at first. But some things like, slicing and dicing logs, reading config files with interpolated values



(Sept 2022)

A simple CLI tool to explore metrics stored in a prometheus based storage like Victoria metrics, M3db, Prometheus itself (obviously) etc. This is still a work in progress. It is not at all usable for now. I am trying to bake in a lot of suggestions/auto-complete to improve the UX of exploring metrics. If this works, it could be a great alternative to using grafana's metrics explorer



(Nov 2021)

A lightweight neovim plugin to quickly run a snippet of code (in the context of the current file you're editing) without ever leaving neovim. Gives you a slight boost in productivity by helping you automate parts of your development workflow. Has a pretty cool integration with telescope


loadbalancer in Go

(Sept 2020)

A very minimal loadbalancer built from scratch in Go. This was build only to learn how load balancers work and also to exercise some Go skills



(Oct 2020)

A web app to practice and measure your typing speed. I worked on this to learn React :P



(Jul 2020)

A simple HTTP server that echos all requests it receives. Useful for manually testing outbound HTTP requests of an application. Additionally, it can also be configured to send custom responses for the requests it receives



(Dec 2016)

An android app that let's you plan how many classes you can bunk, without getting detained (< 75% attendance). This app had become pretty viral in our collage. It also had other features like viewing your timetable, exam results etc (the official collage website sucked)


Chord progression generator

(Jun 2016)

A python script that generates Major/Minor chord progressions any key of choice. Dont judge the code, this is one of the first pieces of proper code I wrote :P


There are countless more projects that I've tinkered on. Can't list them all here. These are the ones that I'm pretty proud of