Hi, I am Arjun 👋🏾

I am a Software engineer and a closet musician

I 🖤 building software. Especially tools ⚒️. Tools that automagically solve people's problems (mostly engineering problems). What I like about building tools the most is, you can never predict how they will be used. It could become a building block in a bigger script ⚙️, a link in a chain of shell commands 🔗, or run independently on its own 🚀. Building such tools comes with its own set of exciting challenges and is an art in itself

I am currently helping build observability integrations at Cockroach Labs.

Also, I obsessively keep tweaking my vim + tmux setup 🔨. If you use/want to use either of these, we will get along pretty well 🤝🏽

Apart from Software, I spend a large part of my weekends making and listening to music 🎵. I've been playing the guitar since I was 11 🎸. I am no David Gilmore, but over the years I've gotten comfortable enough with the instrument to replicate what I hear and put my spin on it 👾.

For the past couple of years, I've been experimenting with electronic music. I use a little 2 Octave MIDI keyboard to sample sounds and create music out of it 🎹. This combined with the guitar is my favorite pass time.